Single-Use Isolator Chamber for Sterile Manufacturing

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ILC Dover’s soloPure flexible aseptic isolator creates a closed environment for sterile filling.

ILC Dover’s soloPure flexible, single-use aseptic isolator is a cost-effective, closed-barrier system for sterile pharmaceutical drug product manufacturing. The isolator creates a closed, Grade-A, aseptic environment for fill/finish activities requiring positive and negative pressures, and is an alternative to conventional barrier systems.

The disposable chamber allows rapid changeover. The efficient design has a small footprint, enhances operator access with double-sided entry, and mitigates risk with integrity testing throughout its lifecycle. The system is beneficial for handling sterile potent powders and other challenging products that require containment and has options to sterilize in-place with vaporized hydrogen peroxide or operate with a single-use, disposable, gamma-irradiated chamber.


Source: ILC Dover