SMA OneTouch ICS

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The new SMA OneTouch ICS is a computerized, automated viable air monitoring system that can program, start, abort, and monitor all sampling throughout a facility. This system monitors all sample parameters, provides visual indication of all activity, and immediately alarms if a sample becomes compromised.

SMA OneTouch ICS

The SMA OneTouch ICS is a computerized and automated viable monitoring system that controls precise and calibrated air sampling to individual or multiple SMA Atriums.   SMA Atriums are stainless steel collection devices that direct air from the environment to impact onto a nutrient agar plate. The nutrient agar plate is then evaluated to determine the amount of viable contamination in the air sample.

The SMA OneTouch ICS maintains strict regulation of the air flow during the sample cycle.  The system will automatically alarm the operator visually and audibly if the sample is compromised, aborted or completed.  In addition, the system continuously monitors the air-flow rate while sampling and will alert the operator if the air-flow deviates from the established 1 CFM flow rate of the system.


The SMA OneTouch ICS includes a touchscreen interface that incorporates facility floor plans, which provides the operator with ability to graphically select and monitor each individual SMA Atrium and helps to eliminate sampling errors.  The operator has the ability to automatically control sampling locations either simultaneously or independently.

VAI also offers the SMA OneTouch ICS for Isolators. This configuration includes all the aforementioned benefits and provides secure sampling inside the isolator environment.

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