Smart Sensor for Insulin Delivery Wins Pharmapack Award

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Biocorp’s Easylog smart sensor for insulin delivery devices enhances compliance.

Biocorp’s Easylog, an internet-connected system that attaches to an insulin pen, improves diabetic patients’ adherence to insulin injections. The smart sensor won the Best Exhibitor Innovation Award presented by Pharmapack Europe 2016, the company announced in a Feb. 11, 2016 press release. Biocorp’s Datapen, an internet-connected injector pen, had won a Pharmapack 2015 award.

The Easylog is an intelligent sensor that converts all insulin delivery devices, reusable as well as disposable, into internet-connected and communicating devices. "Easylog is a unique solution that contributes to the increase of compliance rates, which are still very low among patients suffering from chronic diseases. Our contribution in this field aims to improve the patient's comfort and data reliability for all stakeholders. We are extremely proud to receive the Pharmapack Award," commented Jacques Gardette, Biocorp's CEO and founder, in a press release.

The data collected (e.g., insulin doses, patients’ vital signs) are encrypted and made anonymous using health data security. These data are first stored on servers belonging to a secured and government-certified web host before being safely transferred to a mobile app similar to the one used for DataPen. This application provides users with treatment reminders, alerts in case of a risk of insulin overdose, and access to patients’ historical data, among other services. The company notes that real-time monitoring empowers patients to adhere to treatment, while allowing the medical staff to tailor individual treatment recommendations.

Source: Biocorp