Sourcing and Management Community of Experts

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Leading professionals join the community of experts panel of Sourcing and Management.

Sourcing and Management’s Community of Experts panel consists of leading professionals involved in the synthesis, manufacture, and sourcing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates, and experts in formulation and dosage-form manufacturing. The community of experts lends its expertise to the eNewsletter by providing reviews of technical articles as well as offering perspectives on topics of relevance to pharmaceutical manufacturers and their suppliers.

The panel includes: John A. McCarty, vice-president of formulation sciences at Azopharma; Michael Cannarsa, PhD and director of business development of Almac Sciences; Stephen Munk, PhD, president, and CEO of Ash Stevens; Shaukat Ali, PhD and technical services manager at BASF; Mark Griffiths,head of Cosam Developments; David Rozzell, PhD and vice-president of biocatalysis technology and applications at Codexis; Pieter de Geus, senior vice-president of research and development at DSM Pharmaceutical Products; Steven Grieve, director and team leader of technical development and regulatory affairs at Pfizer CentreSource; and Ed Roullard, vice-president of SAFC Supply Solutions.