SpacePharma SA Launches US Subsidiary

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SpacePharma will give US researchers access to microgravity solutions to advance R&D projects.

SpacePharma SA, headquartered in Switzerland, has expanded to the United States, the company announced on Aug. 16, 2016. SpacePharma, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SpacePharma SA, will introduce US research and pharmaceutical businesses to their unique “one-stop-shop” approach to accessing and taking advantage of microgravity.

“Microgravity is a disruptive environment that enhances and improves a researcher’s ability to make a discovery,” said Yossi Yamin, founder of SpacePharma SA, in the press release. “But access to microgravity has been limited and expensive–until now. SpacePharma opens up microgravity to all. Through this new division, American customers can take advantage of affordable, end-to-end microgravity services and solutions, all from the comfort of their office. In the end, we will help researchers turn their ideas into realities, including new drugs, food design innovations, advancements in agricultural chemistry, and more.”

SpacePharma will now offer US customers access to its miniaturized, end-to-end laboratory, mGnify, which is able to perform advanced biological and chemical experiments, provide novel data, and accelerate R&D pipelines. Measuring 20 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm, mGnify features different types of laboratories: biochemistry, drug screening, gene-expression, protein crystallization, and migration.

The orbiting mini-laboratory can be remotely controlled from anywhere on Earth via web application and can be used with multiple microgravity platforms. These include ground simulators, parabolic flights, and the company’s state-of-the-art nanosatellites, which are scheduled for their debut launch in Q4 2016. The company can work with customers in all phases of their project, including experiment planning, preparation, execution in microgravity, and result analysis.


The announcement of the new subsidiary comes on the heels of SpacePharma receiving its third round of funding through the Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program. Launched in 2013, the $2-million recurring joint fund supports research, development, and commercialization of aerospace and technology projects that benefit both Florida and Israel (where SpacePharma operates its R&D division). SpacePharma is teamed with Florida’s CadW Therapeutics to develop a “lab-on-a-chip” system to study DNA damage to cells during spaceflight.

“The launch of SpacePharma, Inc., this additional grant from Space Florida, and our participation in top-ranked US trade shows, including BIO 2016, demonstrate our full commitment to the American market,” Yamin said. “Our goal is to continue to expand our presence in the United States so that we can help more American customers use microgravity to meet their R&D goals in a much shorter time frame and at an affordable price.”

Source: SpacePharma SA