In the Spotlight February 2008

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-02-02-2008, Volume 32, Issue 2

Jacketed hose provides cleanability; Stopper prevents product waste; Accessories control temperature precisely

Jacketed hose provides cleanability

AdvantaPure (Southampton, PA) has introduced its "APFOSJ" silicone-jacketed hose for pharmaceutical processes. The product's silicone jacket provides a solid, cleanable surface, thereby reducing the potential for contamination and bacterial growth. The silicone also provides thermal protection from the stainless steel braiding for operators when the hose is used in high-temperature applications. In addition, labels may be attached to the silicone jacket and encapsulated with clear silicone.

APFOSJ silicone-jacketed hose (AdvantaPure)

The APFOSJ hose features a PTFE ("Teflon") core and is overbraided with stainless steel. The overbraiding enables the product to withstand high pressures, improves the hose's flexibility, and reduces the possibility of kinking. The silicone jacketing helps protect users if the stainless steel braiding fibers break.

The APFOSJ hose is appropriate for steam- and clean-in-place applications. The product's inert PTFE core allows it to transfer solvents. The hose withstands temperatures between -54 °C and 232 °C. The APFOSJ product is available with a smooth or a convoluted core.

Stopper prevents product waste

West (Lionville, PA) introduced a 13-mm version of its "LyoTec" stoppers. West molds its "FluroTec" fluoropolymer film onto the top of the rubber stoppers. The film is designed to provide lubricity, and it prevents the stoppers from sticking to pressure plates in lyophilization chambers. The LyoTec stoppers stay securely in lyophilization vials, thus preventing product waste and contamination and reducing cleanup.

LyoTec stoppers (West)

The LyoTec stoppers feature a single-vent, igloo configuration that prevents them from interlocking in filling-line feeding bowls.Because the stoppers do not interlock, the igloo design thus reduces line stoppages.

Accessories control temperature precisely

A new series of air-cooled Peltier accessories from Thermo Fisher Scientific (Madison, WI) ensures the integrity of sensitive samples. Michael Allen, life-science product manager for Thermo, says the accessory "never raises the sample temperature above the set-point" that the user chooses. The device's feedback loop constantly monitors its temperature and maintains thermal equilibrium within a narrow range.

Air-cooled Peltier accessory (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Allen observes that the units are air-cooled, which provides users "a maintenance-free solution." Scientists don't need to change cooling water or add bacteriostat or antifreeze to the devices. Air-cooling also enables the units to offer a temperature range of 20–60 °C, according to Allen.

In addition, the Peltier accessories feature magnetic stirring. Allen explains that this function helps maintain thermal equilibrium throughout a sample by eliminating thermal gradients within the cuvette.

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