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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-02-02-2008, Volume 32, Issue 2

PharmTech's polls feature user feedback on issues facing the pharmaceutical industry.

The editors at Pharmaceutical Technology worked hard last month developing ways to improve our online offerings, from the launch of a new Equipment & Processing report to a redesigned weekly enewsletter (ePT) to the creation of PharmTech Polls. This new feature on is a way to give you, our readers, a voice online and allow you to weigh in on important industry topics.

Alexis Brekke

So far, voters have shared their definitions of "design space," predictions for the future of inhalation drug delivery, concerns about over-the-counter (OTC) children's medications, options for reforming the US Food and Drug Administration's foreign inspections process, speculations on the industry's focus in 2008, and more.


Your feedback is often honest and insightful. One user described "design space" as "just a new buzzword for defining the acceptable range of a product and process, which is something an optimization program should have done for many years now."

In response to our question on standardizing dosing devices for OTC children's medications, which all respondents supported, one user said these medications and devices should be sold in the same manner as pseudoephedrine formulations—directly by a pharmacist.

A comment stemming from our inhalation delivery poll says "the science to deliver macromolecules for systemic absorption has been pushed too rapidly by a selected few in the 'aerosol delivery' scientific community," warning that the implications of this delivery method on the lungs are not completely understood.

We look forward to hearing more input from you. Share your views with us at

Alexis Brekke is an assistant editor of Pharmaceutical Technology,