In the Spotlight June 2012

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-06-02-2012, Volume 36, Issue 6

New product reviews for June 2012.

Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations

Manufacturing flexibility is key for improving efficiency and reducing costs. Equipment that can be adjusted to run different sizes depending on a company's needs enables flexibility, and designs that allow easy changeovers and maintenance reduce down-time and improve efficiency. This month's featured products give manufacturers increased flexibility and improved dosing accuracy. An all-electric, blow-fill-seal machine from Weiler Engineering has a modular fill system with quick disconnects and two container sizes in the same mold. A capsule filler from MG America fills up to four ingredients in a capsule. A valve sensor from Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions improves valve performance.

Blow-fill-seal machine designed for aseptic injectable applications

Weiler Engineering's new, all-electric version of its Asep-Tech Model 628 blow-fill-seal machine is designed for aseptic filling of injectable products in container sizes from 0.5–500 mL. Although hydraulic machines are currently used in injectable and other markets today, the trend is towards using all-electric machines, which offer lower particulate generation, says Chuck Reed, director of sales and marketing at Weiler. In addition to eliminating particulates potentially associated with hydraulic systems, the Weiler machine uses the KleenKut ultrasonic knife to minimize particulate generation during cutting. The model is designed for easy maintenance with an ergonomic, two-piece stepped base and a modular fill system designed for rapid changeover. The modular design creates different container sizes by simply changing the mold insert. Tight fill-tolerances are met by using a buffer tank to maintain constant pressure in the system.

AlterNova Capsule Filler MG America

Capsule filler accurately doses combination products

MG America's AlterNova capsule filler uses intermittent motion to fill capsules at a rate of 105,000 capsules/h and can be upgraded to speeds of up to 180,000 capsules/h. Formulations are increasingly being run as combinations of materials, notes Claudio Radossi, director of sales for of MG America. The AlterNova uses a tamping disc to fill powders, and also can fill pellets, tablets, liquids, and various combinations of all four forms. Its dosing chamber can be quickly adjusted without replacing parts for ease of operation, changeovers, and maintenance. Other features include: a touch-screen, human-machine interface (HMI), PLC for machine functions control, motorized adjustment of machine speed from the monitor, HMI visualization of obstruction in the capsule feeding tube, and powder excessive compression check with HMI visualization to indicate the relevant station.

Asep-Tech Model 628 blow-fill-seal machine Weiler Engineering

Valve sensor improves diaphragm valve performance

Crane's Saunders I-VUE Smart Valve Sensor uses a highly accurate sensing technology to provide repeatable, reliable performance on diaphragm valves in the range of 0.25–4 in. Diaphragm valves are widely used in biotechnology processes, but traditional sensor technology offers limited control options. I-VUE technology overcomes this problem and delivers continuous information on the valve position. The sensor has a self-setting feature that facilitates setting and programming of a switch. The sensor can be operated as part of a network with programmable alarms. The valve can also be operated independently at the device location for easier maintenance.

Saunders I-VUE Smart Valve SensorCrane ChemPharma Flow

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