In the Spotlight March 2011

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-03-02-2011, Volume 35, Issue 3

New product reviews from March 2011.

Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations

Automation has become increasingly important to the pharmaceutical industry, partly because it can enhance product quality and reduce the occurrence of deviations. Many vendors provide devices intended to control manufacturing and quality-assurance operations, and drugmakers have come to rely on these innovations. This month's products are intended for various process-control applications. The new model of Stratophase's data-monitoring unit helps indicate process status. Two of Shimadzu's gas-chromatography instruments now can be controlled through Waters's Empower 2 software. A pressure logger is the latest addition to Mesa Laboratories's series of process-validation systems.

Data-monitoring unit offers process control

The new model of Stratophase's benchtop data-monitoring unit lets personnel track eight independent SpectroSens probes simultaneously and has a smaller footprint than the previous model did. The new machine includes a built-in touch-screen monitor that eliminates the need for a separate monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Users can implement the benchtop data-monitoring unit as stand-alone process-monitoring and data-analysis system, or network it with other process-control equipment as part of a process-management system. The probes' optical microchip sensor technology offers measurements that can indicate process status and product quality.

Benchtop data-monitoring unit Stratophase

Stratophase's data-monitoring unit uses temperature-compensated refractive index as a measurement of concentration, thus providing information that can be used to control a process directly. Personnel can use the data gathered by Stratophase's system to profile the process and compare real-time data to a historical process model.

Sealed pressure logger boosts process control

Mesa Laboratories has added a pressure logger to its DataTrace MPRF line of wireless process-validation systems. The stand-alone device communicates by radio with a host interface attached to a personal computer, and users can analyze the data as it is received. The unit can help pharmaceutical manufacturers validate various chamber-pressure specifications in real time. The MPRF pressure logger also enables personnel to make real-time pressure measurements, thus enhancing process flexibility and control. The DataTrace MPRF radio-transmitting loggers are completely sealed.

DataTrace MPRF pressure logger Mesa Laboratories

Control of chromatography systems facilitates data integration

Shimadzu has enabled its GC-2010 Plus and GC-2014 gas-chromatography systems to be controlled with Waters's Empower 2 software. This modification permits clients to integrate data from various chromatographs into one networked solution. Controlling chromatography systems through the data system also provides full documentation of instrument parameters.

GC-2010 Plus instrument Shimadzu

The Empower 2 software is designed to adapt to users' environments. For example, the product lets scientists create custom fields to record information specific to their analyses. Users also can develop custom calculations to avoid the need to transfer numbers to additional applications. The software allows users to format reports according to the needs of their laboratories.

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