In the Spotlight September 2009

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-09-02-2009, Volume 33, Issue 9

Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations

Tableters and capsule-filling machines might be the first devices that come to mind when one thinks of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. Although these units might be the stars of the production line, many other machines play important roles. This month's products help maintain the proper working environment to ensure that dosage forms can be manufactured safely and efficiently. Bry-Air's dessicant dehumidifiers incorporate a control system that helps them save energy. M12 connectors from Phoenix Contact provide flexibility for process monitoring and control. A heat exchanger from Munters is designed to expand safely when operating at high temperatures.

Controller helps dehumidifier save energy

The EcoDry efficient desiccant dehumidifiers from Bry-Air (Sunbury, OH) incorporate the BrySmart energy-management system, which is based on a programmable logic control and includes a computer that monitors moisture load conditions through various sensors. BrySmart adjusts the dehumidifier's rotor, react temperature, react airflow, and process airflow to optimize the dehumidifier's performance and achieve the required conditions. The dehumidifier does not operate at peak capacity if ambient conditions do not require it. "By responding to changes in the moisture-load conditions, the control system can yield energy savings of as much as 45% annually," says Mel Meyers, president and CEO of Bry-Air.

EcoDry desiccant dehumidifier Bry-Air

The BrySmart energy management system can be retrofitted to existing dehumidification systems to optimize their performance. The EcoDry unit is appropriate for applications such as filmmaking, material conveying, softgel-capsule manufacturing, tablet manufacturing, pan drying, and filling.

Small connectors offer many input–output points

High-density M12 connectors from Phoenix Contact (Middletown, PA) are available in 12- and 17-pole versions and offer more input–output points than traditional M12 sensor-actuator connectors. The connectors have a diameter of 11 mm and are appropriate for applications in which space must be conserved.

High-density M12 connectors Phoenix Contact

The connectors include the SPEEDCON technology that enables users to connect and disconnect with a quarter turn of the coupling nut. Phoenix Contact's M12 connectors are appropriate for process monitoring and control, robotics, and machine-vision systems.

Heat exchanger operates at high temperatures

The Thermo-Z welded-plate air-to-air heat exchanger from Munters (Buena Vista, VA) can be constructed with integral, all-welded, stainless-steel expansion joints that are designed to account for the internal thermal growth of the plate pack. Expansion joints allow the heat exchanger to thermally expand in all directions inside the exterior case. The exterior case and the connection flanges are isolated from the heat and will not thermally expand. This feature facilitates installation, according to the company.

Thermo-Z heat exchanger Munters

Thermo-Z units are available with various cleaning options for applications such as water-wash systems. The devices can be constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and designed for retrofit applications. The heat exchangers achieve effectiveness as high as 85% and function at operating temperatures as high as 1400 °F. The unit is appropriate for recovering energy from a dryer.

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