StarBright Violet 515 Dye from Bio-Rad Enhances Flow Cytometry

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In the Lab eNewsletter, Pharmaceutical Technology's In the Lab eNewsletter 10-07-2020, Volume 15, Issue 10

The SBV515 Dye from Bio-Rad improves brightness to enhance its use in flow cytometry.

The StarBright Violet 515 (SBV515) Dye, a range of fluorescent nanoparticles from Bio-Rad Laboratories, can enhance flow cytometry. With an excitation maximum at 401 nanometers and emission maximum of 516 nanometers, the dye improves brightness to solve rare and low antigen density populations. In addition, its narrow emission profile reduces spillover onto other filters and allows only minimal excitation by other lasers.

The dye is not vulnerable to photobleaching, distributes high lot-to-lot reproducibility, and is stable at 4° C with no loss of signal. There is also no requirement to use a special staining buffer, which allows for integration into common experimental protocols without compromising performance.

“StarBright Violet 515 Dye is brighter than other common dyes that emit at similar wavelengths,” said Mike Blundell, Bio-Rad product manager, Life Science Group, in a Sept. 14, 2020 press release. “The dye is flexible enough to fit into any flow cytometry panel, allowing researchers to multiplex with ease regardless of flow cytometer and experimental protocol, and it offers a superior alternative for fluorophores that have emission maxima between 500 and 550 nanometers.”


Source: Bio-Rad