Sterigenics Expands Sterilization Capacity

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Sterigenics has increased gamma sterilization capacity in Fort Worth, Texas.

Sterigenics International, LLC has completed a $17.5-million expansion to its gamma sterilization capacity in Fort Worth, TX. Included in the project is the installation of a gamma irradiator that, with other new features, will boost the facility’s total sterilization throughput by 60%, adding 50,000 pallets per year in capacity, 20 new employees, and 60,000 ft2 to the building’s footprint.

To address the growing need for sterilization for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other industries in many parts of the world, Sterigenics is making significant investments in technology to expand both gamma and ethylene oxide (EO) capacity throughout its global network. In June 2017, Sterigenics completed a project that tripled throughput at its operation in West Memphis, AR, for gamma sterilization. Sterigenics also has expansion projects underway at its EO facilities in California; Costa Rica; and Wiesbaden, Germany. 


Source: Sterigenics