Sterile Cleanroom Wipes

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VAI?s Sterile Cleanroom Wipers use innovative manufacturing technologies and a single source, dedicated supply chain allows for traceablility.

VAI’s Sterile Cleanroom Wipes use innovative manufacturing technologies, and the single source dedicated supply chain allow for the vertical manufacturing process to be completely traceable from start to finish.

VAI’s wipes are knitted with continuous monofilament polyester and are cut using a “focused edge” cutting technology. This eliminates the risk of particulates being introduced into classified areas, by improving the edge over traditional laser cutting.


All wipes are quality assurance tested and released to specifications defined by IEST and ASTM methods.

VAI’s wipes are made with one material (dry or saturated) for easy inexpensive validation and consistency throughout your manufacturing areas.  All versions of dry or saturated wipes are manufactured under cGMP’s, are lot traceable and validated.

VAI’s high quality wipes are available in WipeDown® dry wipes, Procees2Wipe® (USP IPA and WFI Quality Water), HYPO-CHLOR® WFI formula in 0.25%, 0.52%, and 5.25%, STERI-PEROX® WFI formula 3% and 6%, DECON-Clean® RTU residue remover, individually packaged Alcoh Wipes®, STEEL-BRIGHT® Wipes and DAS® Wipes.