Sterile Wipers

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VAI produces high quality sterile wipers that are suited for use in any cleanroom environment. Visit our website or contact your local VAI representative for more information.


VAI features a complete range of dry & saturated, sterile wipers for use in any cleanroom environment. Our wipers are knitted with continuous monofilament polyester and are cut using “FocusEdge” cutting technology. FocusEdge cutting reduces the amount of particle shedding that comes from the edges and the overall risk of contamination being introduced into classified areas. Every wipe that VAI produces is available with the same material for consistency and inexpensive validation.



The material used in our wipers is pre-cleaned and de-linted, then, put though a cleanroom laundry process and dried with a 1 UPLA air stream. The wipers are packaged into bags suitable for use in an ISO Class 4 area and labelled with lot number and expiration. All sterile wipers are sterilized via gamma irradiation at a 10-6 SAL, quality assurance tested and released to specifications defined by IEST and ASTM. All shipments are delivered with lot specific documentation.


VAI’s high quality sterile wipers are available in WipeDown®dry wipes, Process2Wipe®(USP IPA and WFI Quality Water), HYPO-CHLOR® WFI Formula in 0.25%, 0.52%, 5.25%, STERI-PEROX® WFI Formula in 3% and 6%, DECON-CLEAN® RTU reside remover, individually packaged ALCHO-WIPES®, ALCOH-GLOVES®, and STEEL-BRIGHT® Wipes.


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