STERITRACE III – Noxilizer Inside

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 Power your productivity with STERITRACE III – Noxilizer Inside, the innovative bio-decontamination unit from Getinge La Calhène in partnership with Noxilizer. It’s integrated to your isolator for very fast process times.



Getinge will launch their latest innovation in biodecontamination technologies, the Steritrace III, at the Achema exhibition in Frankfurt, June 15-19.



It will be offered as an alternative to the highly successful Steritrace II, which was introduced in 2008.


The Steritrace III introduces a completely different concept to the current Hydrogen Peroxide market alternatives, utilizing Noxilizer Inc’s innovative and unique Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) technology.


As a true gas, and not a condensing vapor, NO2 more rapidly diffuses within isolators, and is easier to remove. As a result biodecontamination process time is approximately half that of current hydrogen peroxide processes. In addition, residuals may be reduced to part-per-billion levels within minutes, something that takes several hours with H2O2.


The Steritrace III has similar physical characteristics to traditional HPV generators, being approximately the same size, with a Siemens PLC control system and HMI.


However, as the gas does not condense in connecting piping, the generator may be installed remote from the target isolator / lockchamber – for example, in an adjacent utility space. Furthermore, unlike H2O2, there is no oxidising chemical to ship and manage – the NO2 is created locally, On-Demand, by a plasma generator using just electrical power and air (N2 + O2).


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