Stevanato Group, Duoject Medical Systems Announce Partnership for New Auto-Injector

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The companies plan to promote and manufacture Maverick, an emergency-use, cartridge-based auto-injector.

Stevanato Group, a glass primary packaging producer based in Italy, announced a partnership with Duoject Medical Systems, a Canadian-based developer of innovative drug delivery systems, to promote and manufacture Maverick, an emergency-use, cartridge-based auto-injector.

Designed by Duoject, the new device features a two-step triggered automatic injection and needle retraction that enables easier activation while the needle is not exposed and automatically retracted after injection, according to a Nov. 5, 2019 Stevanato Group press release. The design will be finalized for clinical trial and commercial launch at Stevanato Group’s ISO13485 and FDA-audited manufacturing facility in Germany.

“Most marketed auto-injectors are designed for use with prefilled syringes and that has been a very effective strategy. But for some formulations and use cases, utilizing a cartridge-based injection device has some distinct advantages,” said Steven Kaufman, vice president of Drug Delivery Systems at Stevanato Group, in the press release. “With Maverick we can merge our unique primary packaging expertise with our molding, tooling, and assembly capabilities, expanding the range of choices in the market today for emergency applications through a reliable and robust auto-injector.”


“The design of the device results from Duoject’s decades of experience developing cartridge-based drug delivery systems,” added Atif Zia, president of Duoject Medical Systems, in the press release. “The device has a granted patent in the [United States] and is patent pending in several additional countries. With our complementary capabilities, Duoject and Stevanato Group will deliver exceptional value and innovation for auto-injector clients, worldwide.”

Source: Stevanato Group