Stevanato Group, Haselmeier Extend Licensing Agreement for Pen Injector Technology

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Stevanato Group has extended its licensing agreement with Haselmeier for its Axis-D pen injector technology.

Global provider of drug containment, drug delivery, and diagnostic solutions for pharma, biotech, and life sciences industries, Stevanato Group, has extended its licensing agreement with Haselmeier for its Axis-D pen injector technology, it was announced in a Jan. 26, 2022 press release.

Under the terms of the extended licensing agreement, Stevanato Group will be given exclusivity to offer the technology to support a broader range of drugs beyond diabetes. Using the Axis-D technology, Stevanato Group has developed a variable-dose and fixed-dose pen injector platform, Alina, which is compatible with established and innovative drug therapies aimed at diabetes care.

“The expansion of this agreement is an important step in enhancing and growing the opportunities in our drug delivery systems portfolio as we broaden our capabilities in this key market,” said Franco Moro, CEO, Stevanato Group, in the press release. “We are constantly working with our customers to satisfy their needs, as we continue to experience an increase in demand for our high-value solutions and a shift up of the product value chain.”


“The Alina pen injector platform combines ease of use for patients with faster time-to-market access for pharma organizations. Our patient-centric solutions aim to improve the lives of patients as they manage their complex health conditions,” added Adam Stops, head of Product Management for Drug Delivery Systems at Stevanato Group, in the press release. “The extension of our licensing agreement with Haselmeier enables us to offer this innovative technology for use in additional therapeutic areas—helping even more patients—as we continue the expansion of our integrated capabilities in the proprietary drug delivery space.”

Source: Stevanato Group