Superior quality pipettes for endotoxin testing

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Sterilin single-use, serological pipettes are certified non-pyrogenic to a lower level than ever before (0.01EU/ml), making them ideal for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to use when ensuring that their products are free from endotoxin contamination. Available in a wide variety of sizes, they are gamma irradiated and individually wrapped to ensure quality and reliability.

Sterilin serological pipettes offer the best quality yet for endotoxin-sensitive applications. They are certified non-pyrogenic to 0.01EU/ml, which is significantly lower than the market standard of 0.25EU/ml. This superior quality greatly reduces any risk of endotoxin interference in routine laboratory analyses, such as LAL testing, and allows pharmaceutical scientists to have confidence in their results.

Sterilin single-use serological pipettes are manufactured from crystal grade polystyrene to ensure excellent clarity. With crisp black ascending and descending graduations, and negative graduations for extra capacity, volumes are extremely easy to read and accurate to +/- 1%.

The comprehensive range of Sterilin pipettes includes standard length pipettes in a variety of sizes (1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50ml) and convenient ‘Shortie’ pipettes (in 5 and 10ml), which are ideal for use in laminar flow cabinets. They are gamma irradiated, making them suitable for sterile applications, and are available individually wrapped either in paper peel or plastic film packaging to suit all customer preferences/needs.


Sterilin serological pipettes are also validated non-haemolytic in accordance with BS EN ISO 10993-4:2002 Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices, making them suitable for accurate and reliable pipetting of blood samples.

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