Symbiosis Successfully Completes UK Research and Innovation Project to Enhance Supply Chain for ATMPs

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Symbiosis announced the successful completion of UK Research and Innovation project to enhance the manufacturing supply chain for ATMPs within the UK.

Symbiosis, a contract manufacturing organization specializing in sterile global manufacture of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biopharmaceuticals, announced on March 30, 2022 the completion of the UK Research and Innovation project (UKRI). The collaborative project involved The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult and Freeline Therapeutics and was funded by UKRI, costing £1.3 million (approximately US$1.7 million).

The project successfully developed and enhanced the manufacturing supply chain for the sterile filling and manufacturing process of drug product. The results of the project will now accelerate the manufacturing supply chain for advanced therapeutical medicinal products (ATMPs) in the United Kingdom.

The project established a streamlined manufacturing process and an improved contamination control process. The new processes can potentially save ATMP therapy developers a significant amount of time in the development phase by eliminating the need to test individual product efficacy and avoid disinfection issues of the facility post-manufacture.


“The aim of the project was to reduce the production cycle by up to 25%. Shortening timelines reduces storage costs and can increase manufacturing facility utilization,” commented John McCormick, COO of Symbiosis. “For many drug development projects, reducing manufacturing timelines, even by a few days, can facilitate these life changing medicines entering the clinic sooner.”

Source: Symbiosis