Systag Appears at InformEx 2016

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Systag, a Swiss fine chemicals and process automation company, appeared at InformEx 2016

Systag, a Switzerland-based fine chemicals and process automation company, appeared at InformEx 2016 in New Orleans, LA. The company used its appearance to demonstrate the automated lab reactor, reaction calorimeter, and parallel pressure reactor (PPR) systems for laboratory and production reaction process efficiencies.

Systag’s displays at the convention included real-time live demonstrations of systems, including FlexyCUBE, FlexyPAT, RADEX, and the recently developed parallel pressure reactor (PPR).

PPR was co-developed with fellow Swiss-based companies BüchiGlasUster, manufacturer of stirred laboratory autoclave high-pressure reactor systems, and Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis, specialist in hazardous and toxic fine chemicals.

Systag’s team at InformEx was led by Marcel Haugg, general sales manager, and Mike Mandlehr, CEO, of Systag. Mandlehr delivered a presentation during the Feb. 2, 2016 showcase, focusing on optimizing development resources for efficient product development.


His address demonstrated how efficient process R&D have become crucial for modern contract and API manufacturers, with the need to push through new products and processes to market readiness ever faster, with full safety testing, overcoming barriers of scarce development resources and pressures of routine administration, and regulatory requirement to keep detailed records.

Source: Systag