Technology Selection Marked as the Biggest Hurdle in Serialization Compliance

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PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management

PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management-07-05-2017, Volume 12, Issue 7

In a new research conducted by SEA Vision and Zenith Technologies, 28% of respondents identified technology selection as the biggest challenge as the industry prepares to meet serialization deadlines.

New research, conducted by serialization system provider SEA Vision and life-science technology specialist Zenith Technologies, identified technology selection as the biggest challenge currently faced by the industry in the race to serialization compliance, as cited by 28% of respondents. The research sought to explore barriers to serialization success as the industry prepares for upcoming regulations in the United States and Europe.

One quarter of respondents rated understanding global serialization requirements as the biggest challenge they face; 14% are most concerned by the tight deployment timescales, and 12% believe resourcing the deployment of serialization systems and processes to be the biggest barrier to compliance. Other challenges cited by respondents include establishing lifecycle support for their systems (7%) and selecting an implementation partner (7%). 

“Preparing for serialization is a complex task and it is clear that the challenges that companies must overcome are wide ranging,” Carlos Machado, serialization director at SEA Vision US, said in a press statement. “Technology selection and implementation is key to project success, and flexibility and scalability are important factors to consider when selecting a serialization solution that is built for the future. Given the multiple technical and logistical challenges associated with implementing a solution, reputable providers should be able to demonstrate a concrete track record of working across varying global serialization architectures. We expect to see a growing reliance on third-party support providers over the coming months as many pharmaceutical manufacturers lack the internal resource and expertise to face the challenge of serialization head on.”


SEA Vision and Zenith Technologies formed a global partnership in 2016 to support pharmaceutical companies in their efforts to install and integrate serialization across drug manufacturing sites. The collaboration brings together Italian-based SEA Vision’s serialization system along with global Zenith Technologies’ ability to integrate systems and deliver ongoing technical support at a local level. 

Source: Zenith Technologies