The Dislocation of Progress

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, December 2023, Volume 47, Issue 12
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Pharmaceuticals are entering a transition into a far more complex era of patient therapies, and patient segmentation.

Pharmaceuticals are entering a transition into a far more complex era of patient therapies, and patient segmentation. It will not be an easy process. It’s an evolution long in the making and welcomed for not only improved treatment outcomes, but also for increasingly realistic “cures”. In such a tightly regulated space, where large financial investments are also required, many unwilling stakeholders will be swept along with this rising tide of new medicines. Who would have seriously considered larger-scale three-dimensional printing of medicines five years ago, or marrying messenger RNA delivery methods with chimeric antigen receptor therapies for reconfigurable patient specific antigen profiles, within the same patient, over the span of a month?

To keep this surging tide heading into workable spaces without swamping all systems, international bodies, such as the International Council for Harmonisation and the World Health Organization, are going to have to be relied on to perform much of the heavy lifting. New financial cooperation models, some of which were trial ran during the COVID-19 pandemic, must also be implemented for consolidated gains to remain real.

With these advances rolling in at a more rapid pace than ever before, our coverage of the pharmaceutical space must also evolve. This year, we have increased our coverage of the daily news, to provide insight at a greater pace. The brand has also rededicated to video coverage, to provide insight from the experts on the frontlines of these advances. Along with these changes, we have amped up our conference coverage, to provide key advances and learnings from major meetings throughout the year, like our coverage from the 11th International mRNA Health Conference and CPHI Barcelona. All these latest insights can be read at

As we eye up trends and opportunities for 2024, we are truly excited for the fruits of the future. There is so much awaiting us, and we can be guaranteed that the new medicines about to be manufactured, stored, delivered, and received will be more efficacious than ever and worth the efforts. And that is something worth holding on to, something to be proud of.

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Mike Hennessy Jr. is the President and CEO of MJH Life Sciences.

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Pharmaceutical Technology

Volume 47, No.12

December 2023

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