Theodore Meltzer, PhD

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Theodore Meltzer, PhD

Theodore Meltzer, PhD
Capitola Consulting Co.

Theodore H. Meltzer, PhD, is a private consultant. His services focus on pharmaceutical and other fine filtration requirements, and on ultrapure water operations for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. His consultative assignments have dealt with such marketing and sales activities as product acceptance and market-sizing assessments. His experiences include serving as expert in litigations, particularly in patent matters involving filters compositions, specific applicational requirements, and prior art.

Previously he was employed by filter manufacturers in such capacities as vice-president of membrane production; director of R&D; and as acting director of marketing and sales.

Dr. Meltzer is a member of several technical societies.  He is an honorary member of PDA.  He heads the PDA Pharmaceutical Water Interest Group, and has close, if unofficial, ties with his opposite numbers on the USP Water Expert Committee.  He has regularly presented courses both in the US and abroad on ‘High-Purity Water Systems Design and Validation’  ‘and on ‘Pharmaceutical Filtration and Its Validation’ for PDA, and for the Center for Professional Advancement.  He directed the annual Ultrapure Water Conference for 10 years, and is utilized by the FDA for presentations on pharmaceutical filtration in its inspector training sessions. He is a reviewer for the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology, and is on the review boards of Pharmaceutical Technology and American Pharmaceutical Review.


Meltzer lectures widely and has published roughly 100 papers.  He holds four patents and has authored or coauthored nine books, and has written several book chapters.

Trained as a polymer chemist, he holds a BS in chemistry from the College of the City of New York, an MA in preparative organic and biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin, and a PhD in physical organic from the University of Chicago. He performed postdoctoral work on the mechanical properties of polymers at Princeton University.  He was elected to the Sigma Xi, the national honorary scientific society, while at the University of Chicago.