TrakCel and Quick Partner on Digital Supply Chain for Cell and Gene Therapies

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The companies will offer an IT platform that enhances the visibility and performance of the overall personalized medicine treatment process.

On Jan. 17, 2019, TrakCel, a UK-based developer of cell and gene therapy supply-chain tracking and orchestration systems software, and The Quick Life Science Group, a US-based provider of time- and temperature-sensitive logistics and transportation, announced that they are partnering to offer an integrated information technology (IT) logistics orchestration platform that will enable the global tracking of cell and gene therapy products and manage the logistical processes of each needle-to-needle supply chain through a single interface.

The platform enables automatic scheduling of activities across multiple supply-chain partners, product-specific workflows to ensure consistent handling and execution of tasks, and validated chain-of-identity tracking to guarantee correct drug product delivery and infusion. This would improve efficiency and security for clinics and manufacturing sites across North America and Europe, according to the partners.

The volume and growth of clinical and commercial personalized medicine products is increasing the workload for all stakeholders across the supply chain, including clinical sites, apheresis collection centers, manufacturing facilities, and couriers. Individual cell and gene therapy supply chains face unique complexities such as precise scheduling requirements and the need to transport temperature- and time-sensitive materials globally. A combination of these factors has made it increasingly necessary to control the supply chain and the visibility of the timing of sample collection through to product infusion.

Industry-wide impact

It is expected that the integrated platform will have a significant impact across the whole of the supply chain industry.


“The collaboration between TrakCel and Quick was a critical factor in our vendor selection process,” said Knut Niss, PhD, chief technology officer, Mustang Bio, in a company press release. “For autologous supply chains to function seamlessly, logistics vendors need to work together with the aim of creating a single intuitive interface that automates the supply chain-this is exactly what TrakCel and Quick have achieved. Without such integration, supply chain stakeholders are burdened by manually creating and managing orders in disparate systems, increasing the likelihood of error. The fact that this important integration is already in place allows Mustang to rapidly deploy a powerful customized solution."

“It is now essential not only to track the transport of these products that patient[s’] lives depend on but to offer every person involved in the supply of these products real-time information of the status and location of these products," said David Murphy, executive vice-president, Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics, in the press release. “Based on the continuously growing number of therapeutic companies currently working with TrakCel and Quick, we see this partnership and the work completed as a critical step forward for the industry. It will enable companies to concentrate on developing therapies, rather than worrying about logistics.”

“We continue to see the number of sensitive, high-value materials moving through the supply chain increasing at an unprecedented rate. If not managed, the risk to patients and organizations involved in the development, manufacture, and delivery of these potentially life-changing therapies will continue to increase,” said Ravi Nalliah, CEO of TrakCel, in the press release. “The partnership between TrakCel and Quick will enable a significant reduction of these risks. TrakCel will continue to make sure that its partnership with Quick offers the highest possible protection to patients awaiting much-needed therapies.”

Source: TrakCel