UBM and Restec Announce End of Russia Affiliation

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UBM and Restec end Russia affiliation, with Restec to hold a separate IPhEB exhibition in Russia starting in 2018.

UBM and Restec announced on August 1, 2017 that their joint effort in coordinating CPhI at the International Forum on Pharmaceuticals Engineering and Biotechnology (IPhEB) in Russia will end in 2018. The event, which held its 5th installment on March 30, 2017, will continue without the CPhl brand.

Having relocated from Saint Petersburg in 2011 to Moscow in 2015 with an increase of 5000 participants, the event will take place in its previous site and branding in 2018. Restec plans to continue serving the Russian market by moving forward alone with the IPhEB brand in Saint Petersburg in 2018 and Moscow in 2019.

UBM will focus on growing its international pharma influence, increasing sales reach within eight CPhI brands comprising of new events in Africa and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) in 2018.  Three additional functions will be held for CPhI Worldwide, CPhI India, and CPhI China, which total 40,000 participants collectively. 


Source: CPhl