Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry

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Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry offers a collaborative approach to research, development and commercial manufacturing of your complex organometallic chemistry and catalysis needs.

Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry is part of the Umicore group, a global materials technology company with locations around the world. With over 50 years experience in the platinum group metals chemistry and 20 years experience in organometallics, Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry is dedicated to continuous improvement and investing in sustainable technology.



Our focus is co-creating with our customers to innovate their process for next generation technologies. Collaborating and co-creating is the future of problem solving across many industries, including complex chemistry. At Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry, we offer an integrated long-term collaborative partnership approach to research, development and commercial manufacturing of complex chemistry needs for sustainable technologies.


Our deep understanding of industry regulations, and our experience in writing our own, enable our customers to benefit from the proud reputation we have earned in sustainable technologies, sourcing and ethical practice. Through working together, we can produce solutions to long-standing issues and create ground-breaking science to pioneer future products across many industries.


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Company name: Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry
Stand/Booth number: CPhI Hall 6.0, Booth 60D53