Universal solution for automated HPLC method development

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Shimadzu's Nexera Method Scouting system provides an outstanding platform for efficient HPLC method development and implementation. It is based on the Nexera X2 next-generation ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph, an all-round LC system for ultra-high-speed analysis.



The Nexera Method Scouting is equipped with two quaternary solvent pumps, a high pressure resistant column switching valve and the dedicated Method Scouting Solution control software to enable automated, quick and simple column and solvent screening. With its solvent blending capability and automated workflow, the system reduces preparation time and the risk of human error to a minimum when setting up the method and analysis schedule manually.


The Nexera X2 UHPLC systems can be used for a wide range of applications, from verifying the purity of synthetic compounds to quantifying their impurities, e.g. in pharmaceutical CMC and drug development/synthesis. In combination with the SPD-M30A photodiode array detector, Nexera X2 offers highly sensitive detection and a large dynamic range for quantification of high and low concentrations in a single experiment.


Method Scouting Solution is the system's dedicated control software which supports fast and secure operation of the Nexera Method Scouting System. It offers a graphical user interface to simplify the system set up as well as pre-configured system settings conforming to laboratory policies to provide reliable data while minimizing the risk of human error. Connecting between LabSolutions software for data evaluation and the DryLab®4 HPLC modeling software for strategic method optimization enables fast and efficient setup of methods as well as easy calculation and visualization of the design space. In combination with the VALIDAT© toolbox for method validation, the Nexera Method Scouting system provides an all-round solution for highly effective HPLC method development and implementation.


DryLab® 4 is a registered trademark of Molnar Institute of Applied Chromatography
Validat ® is a registered trademark of iCD


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