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For over 40 years, we’ve been supplying industry-leading, plant-based excipients and raw materials. Our expertise and technical resources are never far away, with three innovation centers of excellence located worldwide (France, U.S., and Singapore). We continually evolve our service offering to meet our customer demands.


From oral dosage drug product formulations including nutraceuticals, to injectables and dialysis solutions and biopharma materials, we hold ourselves to the highest industry standards – providing consistency and reliability across every ingredient.



Our legacy: Technical expertise is empowered by our diverse global Research and Development network. For years, Roquette has been the market and technical leader in starches and polyols, with over 60 patents and new product launches. Now we are expanding to other excipient chemistries to provide unique solutions to the technical challenges you face.


Our mission: to provide technical expertise to all stages of pharmaceutical development, to instill in our customers a sense of confidence by delivering world-class ingredients and raw materials, and to remain consistent in our ability to help customers develop and elevate life-saving pharmaceuticals.


Uncompromised quality standards supported by complete supply chain traceability. Industry-leading innovation backed by a legacy of expertise. An unwavering commitment to enabling life-saving pharmaceuticals.


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