Vectura Partners with Cannabinoid Medicines Company

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Vectura will provide preclinical development services for Incannex’s inhaled drug product for the treatment of traumatic brain injury.

Vectura, a contract development and manufacturing organization announced an agreement with Incannex Healthcare Limited, an Australian cannabinoid medicines development company, to provide preclinical development services for IHL-216A, an inhaled drug product for the treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

IHL-216A a combination of cannabidiol with the anesthetic isoflurane, has been found in studies by Incannex to reduce neuronal damage, neuroinflammation, and behavioral deficits resulting from TBI. The combination drug is designed to be administered soon after head trauma, thereby reducing secondary brain injuries.

Vectura will conduct studies for formulation screening manufacturing process optimization, stability assessments, and manufacturing a laboratory-scale batch of IHL-216A for toxicological studies.


Incannex is partnering with the Monash Trauma Group at Monash University’s Department of Neuroscience in Australia to conduct an in-vivo study on the protective effect of IHL-216A in sports concussion, based on a model of TBI developed with the National Football League (NFL). Vectura reports it will further develop the IHL-216A formulation in parallel with the in-vivo experiments in advance of clinical trials.

Source: Vectura