Veltek Associates, Inc.

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Veltek Associates, Inc. addresses all the needs required to manage contamination control. We provide chemicals, garments, cleaning devices, laboratory services, viable monitoring, and strive to develop meaningful technical client relationships.

Veltek Associates, Inc.

(VAI) provides innovative solutions to address the control of particulate and microbial contamination in pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations worldwide.  We focus on the identification and control of contamination in classified areas.

VAI’s Sterile Chemical Manufacturing Division (SCMD) produces a complete range of sterile disinfectants, sanitizers, sporicides, lubricants, cleaners, detergents (CIP), and buffer solutions.  We offer hand sanitizers and hands-free dispensing systems in addition to developing the Core2Clean Plus System that can spray, mop or fog in one device.   

VAI’s Environmental Control Monitoring Division (ECMD) designs an assortment of viable air sampling equipment.  This product line includes portable devices, compressed air sampling, and facility wide monitoring systems with numerous possibilities to maximize the use of EM information.


VAI’s Disposable Products Manufacturing Division (DPMD) offers sterile cleanroom garments, face masks and nylon packaging material.  These garments also come in a patented fold (Easy2Gown) that makes gowning simple and easy for your operators.

VAI Labs provides microbiological testing ranging from the identification of microorganisms to antimicrobial effectiveness studies, a disinfectant validation service. 

Aseptic Processing Inc. (consulting) provides consulting services in aseptic technique, environmental monitoring, component entry systems, personnel gowning, cleaning and disinfecting systems, and media fill trials.

Veltek Associates,