Vetter Awards Winner of Open Innovation Challenge

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Vetter chose a winner from four teams that worked for three months to develop ideas for applying digital technology to injectable pharmaceuticals.

Vetter chose a winner of its open innovation challenge from four teams who submitted ideas on how digital trends can improve injectable medications for users, the company announced on Sept. 26, 2018. The winning project is a method to improve the documentation process as it pertains to the administration of drugs, helping to make the process easier, faster, and safer. The winning team received a prize of EUR 10,000 (US$11,600). Vetter will next decide which project ideas or elements will be worked on in the future. 

The four teams included students and professionals from the fields of medicine and economic sciences, as well as members of the Vetter staff. Following the June kick-off workshop, participants entered into dialogue with the users of injectables, in particular, caregivers and patients. With the help of this first-hand knowledge, the teams designed initial idea concepts and prototypes for discussion and testing among potential users. Further development followed. On September 25, the four groups presented their ideas to Vetter. 

“We want to bring the needs of users into even greater focus for future activities. Only through this action can we provide patients around the world, in alliance with our customers, with even better and more up-to-date services related to the delivery of injectables,” said Dr. Claus Feussner, senior vice-president, Vetter Development Service. “The format of the Open Innovation Challenge–Injection 2.0, which targets new approaches in injectable delivery, was an overall success. We were impressed not only with the results of the participating teams, but also their general approach and team spirit created during the challenge.”


Source: Vetter