Vetter Receives AEO-F Certificate from EU

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Vetter receives AEO-F certificate from the European Union for global movement of goods.

On Dec. 1, 2015 Vetter Pharmaceuticals, a Germany-based contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), announced the company had received an Authorized Economic Operator Full (AEO-F) certificate for global movement of goods from the European Union.

According to the European Commission, to qualify for AEO-F certification, a company must demonstrate a good record of compliance with customs requirements, satisfactory system of managing commercial and transport, records which allow appropriate customs controls, proven financial solvency, and appropriate security and safety standards.

The AEO-F is currently accepted by the United States, Japan, European Union Member states, Switzerland, Norway, and China. Ecuador and El Salvador are expected to launch AEO programs by the end of 2015. According to the company, this certification will aid in facilitating the import of drugs, allowing it to transport pharmaceuticals more quickly, and at a lower cost.

The World Custom’s Organization (WCO) says there are currently a total of 12,367 AEO companies in the United States and Canada alone. Outside the North American market, the organization says there are a total of 450 AEO companies. By expanding the AEO programs, the WCO hopes to establish a uniform customs and security standard in the international movement of goods, with the Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade (SAFE) program.


Vetter Pharmaceuticals has facilities in Germany and the United States. The company recently began operating a branch in Singapore, and Tokyo. The company focuses on fill and finish of aseptically prefilled syringe systems, cartridges, and vials; it also has services for the commercial filling and packaging of parenteral drugs.

Source: Vetter Pharmaceuticals