Watson-Marlow and Franz Ziel GmbH Launch Cellefill

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Watson-Marlow and Franz Ziel GmbH have launched a new integrated solution to fast-track cell, gene, and biological therapies.

Flexicon Liquid Filling, part of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) and Franz Ziel GmbH announced the launch of Cellefill on August 24, 2022, a turnkey, vial fill/finish system with an integrated barrier solution.

Cellefill integrates the features of Flexicon’s FPC60 aseptic vial filling machine with barrier technologies from Franz Ziel. According to a company press release, it is a good manufacturing practice compliant solution that delivers enhanced levels of process flexibility to accelerate the production of advanced therapy medicinal products including cell, gene, and biological therapies. Cellefill’s process design also includes the use of asepticsu single-use systems and pre-steralized ready-to-use product containers.

“Through process flexibility, Cellefill enables the scale out and process repeatability our customers need to assure product quality at all levels of manufacturing,” said Steve Adams, product manager for Cellefill at WMFTS in the press release. “Providing expert guidance and support through a single point of contact, we are a committed project partner to biopharmaceutical companies at the cutting-edge of personalized medicine.”


Source: WMFTS