Watson-Marlow — Pumpsil silicone tubing

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USP Class VI Pumpsil silicone tubing, fully post-cured with very low leachables. Laser-etched with product code, description, lot number and use-by date for full traceability. Custom sizes to order.

Pumpsil platinum-cured tubing from Watson-Marlow

* Comprehensive stock of a wide range of sizes for next day delivery
* Absolute traceability with laser coded part number, lot number and use-by date
* High level of purity and clarity: very low leachables and extractables
* Ultra smooth bore to control protein binding and bacterial growth
* Fully documented biocompatibility, comprehensive validation pack
* Excellent flow stability for accurate process control
* Tight surface cure, non-tacky surface.

Absolute traceability

With the tubing part number, lot number and use-by date laser coded along the length of every tube, absolute traceability is now assured. The same data is printed on the tubing box label, bag label and certificate and so irrespective of whether the tubing is in store or in your process, identification of the tubing is simple and guaranteed.

Superior biocompatibility

A comprehensive validation pack is available for Pumpsil which details compliance with USP Class VI, ISO10993, FDA CFR177.2600 as well as other key details to help you validate your process.


Manufactured in an ISO1644-1 Class 7 (Class J/10,000) cleanroom dedicated to the manufacture of biopharmaceutical grade platinum-cured silicone, Pumpsil is entirely free of the 2,4 DCBA and other leachables associated with peroxide cured silicone.

Fully post-cured for 4 hours at 200C as part of the manufacturing process, Pumpsil exhibits exceptionally low extractables, helping to maintain the purity of your product.

Direct from the manufacturer in the UK.