Web-based Portal Simplifies Quality Document Storage and Sharing

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The Qualit-e Cloud web portal allows for secure uploading and sharing of quality documents for raw materials.

Zürich, Switzerland-based Qualit-e Cloud GmbH won the 2018 CPhI Pharma Award for Excellence in Pharma: IT, mHealth, and Digitalization for their Qualit-e Cloud. The web-based solution facilitates the distribution of quality documents for raw materials in a safe and time-efficient manner, according to Nadine Blaettler, Qualit-e Cloud’s founder and CEO. Pharmaceutical Technology spoke with Blaettler about this award-winning web portal.

PharmTech: What technology and industry challenges does Qualit-e Cloud address? 

Blaettler: For apharmaceutical raw materials producer, sending several quality documents about raw materials or a company is an essential part of the sales process. Instead of sending the documents repeatedly to different customers, the producer can just upload them once to Qualit-e. From there, they can simply authorize the customer to access and download the needed files. This will save time and effort to the producer. If the producer changes or adds any new files, the system automatically notifies the authorized customer. It is web based, therefore no installation is needed.

Another advantage is that the producer can share documents directly with the customer, but also with their distributors, who can then share the same documents with their customers using the same system.

PharmTech: How does the Qualit-e Cloud differ technologically from other similar solutions?

Blaettler:The web portal can be used by numerous producers. Authorized customers receive log on credentials, which can then be used to access different producers documents, as long as all producers authorize the customer to have access. There is no other similar solution that offers the same function.

PharmTech: What kind of devices can be used to access Qualit-e Cloud? Is there a mobile application?

Blaettler: At the moment, it can only be used with desktop devices. We are thinking of offering a mobile application in the future, should there really be a need.

PharmTech: What kind of security is used to protect client/customer information and document authorization?

Blaettler: Security of our web portal includes:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS): the uploads and downloads of documents are encrypted.

  • Server facility: the server is based in Switzerland and the data center is certified as a bank data center.

  • Log on: the web portal can only be accessed with log-on credentials.