Web-based System Enhances Mobile Plant Management

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Siemens Comos Mobile Solutions 2.0 enhances mobile information management in globally distributed engineering projects and facilitates on-line collaboration.

Siemens Comos Mobile Solutions 2.0 with a new graphical user interface (GUI) provides context-sensitive support functions and personalized dashboards. Another feature sends warnings in the event of deviations from target. All project stakeholders can navigate to relevant plant information with the aid of quicklinks, view documents, and submit project-related inquiries using a mobile device. The ability to upload external redlining PDFs to a tablet simplifies the process of document revision and enables clearly traceable change management at any time.

The system can also be used for project management, with features such as document check-in and check-out, and an integrated task management system. The need for manual data entries is reduced by the availability of editable web attributes, as suppliers make available the information directly in the Comos interface. This feature minimizes potential sources of error and loss of data, and enhances the efficiency of the engineering project, particularly when a large number of suppliers are involved.


Source: Siemens