What Did You Think of ACHEMA?

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We’ve been asking for your thoughts on ACHEMA throughout the show and it looks as if the majority of you have had a successful business trip. Read some of the exhibitors and visitors’ closing thoughts here.

Throughout ACHEMA we’ve been running a survey to see what you thought of the show. Here’s a selection of some of the responses we’ve received (all published anonymously).

“Very busy. But great for the business. We’re pleased with how our products have been received.”

“Brilliant show. I’ve attended lots of meetings and made many new contacts.”

“ACHEMA is a bit too big and I don’t like Frankfurt. Has been a productive trip so can’t really complain.”

“Much better than 2009 and there seemed to be a lot more to see.”

“The booth was busy the entire time and we’ve got plenty of leads.”

"My first show. I've seen so much and I'm looking forward to learnign more about the industry."

"I've been to better shows. Halls were toof apart and I spent more time walking than in meetings."


“First day was very hot. I didn’t expect the show to be so big.”

“ACHEMA is an enormous show. I didn’t like all the walking but I’ve made some great contacts.”

“Really successful for our company. We’re looking forward to attending more events this year to showcase our expertise.”

“Many high-quality meetings. Very successful.”

“Tiring. I need to sleep for a week to recover.”

“Crowded (how many people?), Large (lost already), and Humid (pouring rain)!”

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