Zetta Genomics Raises Millions in Seed Funding

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Zetta Genomics has raised £2.5 million ($3.4 million) in new seed funding.

Zetta Genomics, a spin out from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, has raised £2.5 million ($3.4 million) in new seed funding, it was revealed in a Feb. 1, 2022 press release. With the funds raised, the company will invest in its XetaBase platform, which is a transformational genomic data management technology for the discovery and delivery of precision medicine at scale.

“Zetta Genomics re-imagines data to deliver a dynamic platform fit for the fast-emerging, fast-scaling, multi-petabyte environment,” said Ignacio Medina, Zetta Genomics founder, in the press release. “In liberating genomic data—placing its power into the hands of researchers and clinicians—we will drive precision medicine’s transformation into mainstream healthcare and life-changing patient benefit.”

“Genomic medicine has enjoyed explosive growth in the past five years, but this is set to be eclipsed in the next decade,” added Marc Subriats, partner, Nina Capital—a lead investor—in the press release. “XetaBase is an enabling technology—empowering virtually every research field and clinical application. As genomic sequencing moves from the hundreds of thousands to the hundreds of millions, Nina Capital is confident that Zetta Genomics’ growth will both drive and be driven by rapid advances in precision medicine.”


“Cambridge Enterprise creates and invests in companies, built on University of Cambridge research, that can have a huge positive impact on society,” said Elaine Loukes, investment director at University of Cambridge Enterprise—an investor in Zetta Genomics—in the press release. “From our first meeting it was clear that Ignacio had developed something incredibly special. Zetta’s technology helps researchers and clinicians fully exploit genomic data, speeding the delivery of precision medicine across the world.”

Source: Zetta Genomics