2015 Nano Containment Summit

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Announcing the 2015 International Summit on Nano Containment. On Thursday 29 October 2015 PSL will host this exclusive industry event for process experts at their UK facility in Liverpool.



This year PSL will host the 2015 International Summit on Nano Containment at its facility in Liverpool, UK.
Taking place on Thursday 29 October 2015, Industry leading professionals will present their latest innovations such as 'State-of-the-art Glove Testing' and 'High Containment Valve Technologies', and Dr. Brian Ward, former Eli Lilly Engineering Containment Advisor, will discuss solutions for "Cross Contamination in Gloveboxes" and the "Nano Particle Conundrum".
Delegates from international pharmaceutical groups will learn about new technologies and how to optimise their manufacturing processes, from R&D to large scale production. As well as the prestigious keynote speakers, the event will include technology updates, Q&As with process engineers and a factory tour at PSL's manufacturing facility where delegates will see the development process of a high containment isolator.



This is an exclusive industry event for process experts.
Please call +44 (0)151 448 7700 or email marketing@powdersystems.com to register your interest.
Early Bird discounts available on bookings made before 25th September 2015.


You might also be interested in PSL's FREE webinar on Bio Safety. Thursday 10th September 2015 at 3pm (UTC).
What are the benefits of using high containment gloveboxes for Class III BSC applications?
For more information and to register visit the website.


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