AAI Pharma and Cambridge Major Laboratories Rebrand as Alcami

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PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management

PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management-04-06-2016, Volume 11, Issue 4

With a new name formed from the legacy company names, Alcami offers development services, analytical testing, and API and finished drug development and manufacturing.

AAIPharma Services Corporation (AAI)/Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc. (CML), announced on March 16, 2016 a new name and brand identity, Alcami, as a contract development and manufacturing organization for drug substance and finished drug products.

With seven sites globally, the company offers API development and manufacturing, solid-state chemistry, formulation development, analytical development and testing services, oral solid dose and parenteral clinical and commercial finished dosage form manufacturing, packaging, and stability services.

The new company name and identity were announced at press event and reception in New York City. The name “Alcami” represents a combination of the legacy company names and reflects the company’s transformation to meet the pipeline of new products in development within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, the company reports.

AAI and CML, which merged in 2013, recently announced investments oral solid dose manufacturing and parenteral fill-finish capabilities and capacity. The company will relocate its St. Louis Analytical Testing Services to a new facility at the Cortex Innovation Center in St. Louis, MO; the facility will provide analytical testing for new drug entities, generic drugs, animal health products, medicated consumer health products, chemicals, and biopharmaceuticals.


“With nearly 1000 employees at seven sites in the United States and Europe, these upgrades across our facilities in Wilmington (NC), Charleston (SC), Durham (NC), Germantown (WI), Edison (NJ), St. Louis, and Weert, The Netherlands, combined with enhancements in our quality, execution and customer focus, support the overall progress of our growth strategy as a contract services provider with a renewed commitment to meeting customer needs like never before. With increases in our capabilities and capacities across all our businesses, our ability to serve the market is stronger than ever,” said Stephan Kutzer, chief executive officer in a press statement announcing the new brand identity.


Source: Alcami