Adare Pharmaceuticals

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Adare is a global specialty pharmaceutical company inspired to improve the lives of patients whose treatment needs are not fully addressed by current medications. We use our unique combination of experience, proprietary capabilities, and resources to create meaningful products for them.




Our entrepreneurial and performance driven culture encourages us to take risks, identify promising ideas, and see those opportunities through to completion. Our collaborative spirit and dedication to developing strong partnerships provide Adare and our partners with significant advantages in competitive markets.


Adare is a high-growth company with a long history of success from concept through commercialization. Our ability to create differentiated drugs guides the identification and development of the novel products in our pipeline and our acquisition strategy.


Our growth strategy is to develop and commercialize specialty products by:

  • Developing and expanding our robust pipeline

  • Growing our microbiome franchise

  • Continuing to build strong development and commercial partnerships

  • Executing strategic and disciplined acquisitions


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