April 2010 Editor's Picks: Products from Camfil Farr and K-Tron

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-04-19-2010, Volume 0, Issue 0

PharmTech's monthly newsletter, Equipment and Processing Report, reviews the Editor's Picks for the April 2010 edition from Camfil Farr and K-Tron.

Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control
Dust collector extends filters’ service lives

The Gold Series High Vacuum (GSHV) dust collector from Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control (Jonesboro, AR) controls emissions in applications performed under pressures as high as 17 in. Hg vacuum or 8 psi. The unit is housed in a reinforced dust-capture vessel designed for use as a central vacuum system, positive or negative product receiver, or high-pressure bin vent. The GSHV collector can be provided with two or four Gold Cone HemiPleat filter cartridges, which are available in efficiencies of 99.99% and 99.999% on 0.5-µm particles.

The machine’s cyclonic tangential inlet removes most of the dust as it enters the collector, thus minimizing filters’ contact with the dust and extending their service lives. The device also includes a pulse-cleaning system that operators regulate through a user-friendly, solid-state control panel. The dust collector is available with a horizontal explosion vent for combustible-dust applications and a bag-in–bag-out access door and continuous liner discharge for pharmaceutical dusts.

Material flow aid prevents bridging and rat-holing

K-Tron (Pitman, NJ) offers its ActiFlow bulk-solids activator, a nonproduct contact device that comprises a vibratory drive and an intelligent control unit. The device operates with the K-Tron Control Module (KCM) to activate the material inside the hopper continuously. The KCM unit’s self-tuning algorithm monitors the system and continuously adjusts the ActiFlow’s frequency and amplitude, according to changing material-flow conditions, to maintain flow within the hopper. The activator and KCM thus prevent the formation of bridges and ratholes.

The ActiFlow machine is designed to eliminate the need for mechanical agitators with secondary motors and gearboxes and to eliminate the need for flexible side-wall agitation devices or aeration pads. The ActiFlow device is bolted to the outside of the extension hopper’s rear wall above the feeder, thus reducing headroom requirements. ActiFlow is designed to simplify the cleaning process during material changeover and is suitable for pharmaceutical applications.