Aptar Pharma’s UDS, the gold standard unit-dose systems for disposable use

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Aptar Pharma’s Unit-Dose Systems (UDS) are the preferred drug delivery technology spray platforms when dose accuracy and ease of administration are critical in a single nasal for liquid or powder drug delivery.


UDS Powder - Courtesy of Aptar Pharma


Aptar Pharma’s Unit-Dose Systems (UDS) are applicable for therapies where a small and very precise amount of active drug formulation is required in a single nasal shot. Some of these therapies delivered intra-nasally require high deposition in targeted areas of the nasal cavity. The nose-to-brain pathway, which may allow therapeutic compounds to enter the CNS requires the targeting of the upper part of the nasal cavity or “the olfactory region”. The UDS Powder is designed to address the nose-to-brain pathway.



UDS’s primeless feature offers the patient unique ready-to-use convenience that does not exist with traditional multi-dose spray pumps, which need to be primed prior to first use and sometimes re-primed when used infrequently. The device is easy-to-use with one-handed actuation, in any position.


The UDS Technology Platform is generally used and recommended for the Allergic rhinitis, Pain Management, Central Nervous System, and Vaccines therapies.


Last year, Aptar Pharma provided the delivery system and regulatory support for Adapt Pharma’s Narcan® which was the first U.S. FDA-approved nasally administered, needle-free, ready-to use medication that could stop or reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Aptar Pharma has brought to the partnership its unique experience in nasal drug delivery and regulatory expertise in relation to combination drug-device products successfully supporting Adapt Pharma’s new drug application.


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