Avantor Opens Biorepository Facility in Germany

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A new facility near Frankfurt, Germany expands Avantor's geographic reach and supports the growing demand for scientific research and clinical trial sample storage.

Avantor opened a new biorepository and sample archiving facility near the international airport in Frankfurt, Germany, the company announced on Nov. 19, 2020. The new facility enables researchers to have access to their samples for future research and analysis or study validation within 24 hours. Avantor also has facilities in Leesburg, VA and near Nice, France.

"The number of clinical trials to support R&D of therapeutic modalities continues to grow rapidly across the globe. The associated samples and research materials require meticulous care and processing to ensure the validity of the clinical trial," said Christophe Couturier, executive vice-president, Services, at Avantor, in the press release. "This critical need for speed and agility is only reinforced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the race to ensure safe and efficacious therapies—whether by testing previous discoveries or innovating new ones. Avantor can store samples at the end of a trial, and as vaccine production ramps up, we will be able to support manufacturers with their bulk drug substance storage.”


Source: Avantor