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The ultimate goal of real-time airborne viable particle counting is to supplant the traditional airborne culture based measurement, particularly when monitoring critical locations during aseptic processing.


A real-time viable particle counter such as the TSI BioTrak™ detector can continuously monitor an aseptic process for airborne viable particles, and per the current GMP guidance, monitor total particle counts simultaneously using an existing single particle monitoring probe. Data is logged and alarms generated in real-time using a Facility Monitoring System. No need to intervene and cleanup following a plate change or load growth media into the isolator, no need to add additional interfaces. If there is a microbiological excursion, everyone will know right away..

In a single portable instrument the TSI BioTrak™ Real-time viable particle detector counts airborne particles compliant to ISO 21501-4and has a 28.3 lpm sample flow rate. It then analyzes each particle for viability, finally it collects all optically analyzed particles on a collection filter to enable laboratory based speciation analysis. BioTrak™ – the real-time viable particle counter that delivers airborne viable particle count data you can trust, moving you towards real-time quality assurance and process control.

Contact TSI ( today to arrange an evaluation and find out more about the many immediate use applications the BioTrak detector has to offer. Gain a competitive advantage today, the potential benefits this technology has to offer are too great to ignore.


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