Blow-Fill-Seal-technology ensures highest aseptic assurance level for liquid formulations

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Bottelpack machines allow primary packaging for a wide variety of formulations including inhalation solutions, ophthalmics and parenterals.

Bottelpack Aseptic Processing  

The BFS process enables for a unique container design including a positive handoff to downstream secondary packaging systems



An ongoing challenge is to process aseptic products with the highest aseptic assurance level possible. This includes primary packaging that has to ensure tightness, stability over shelf life, protection and ease of use by the patient or health care professional.

Would you like to process your liquid or semisolid formulation in a more reliable, more economical, and more user-friendly way than is possible with conventional packaging methods? Then it's time for blow-fill-seal technology from Rommelag. Our bottelpack systems enable aseptic filling in application-optimized, tamper evident, break-proof polymer containers, which are directly produced, filled, and sealed by the system. This allows cost-effective manufacturing by avoiding container handling including empty container transport and storage, washing, and sterilization. The BFS process enables unique container designs and even insert of additional components like valves, applicators or adapters; fill-volumes range from 0.1ml to more than 1000 ml. Detailed animated insights in the BFS-process are available at


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