Breakthrough in purification

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The quality of purification processes in, e.g. medicinal chemistry, has been highly dependent on the chromatographers' skill. Large pharmaceutical companies are capable of synthesizing hundreds of new compounds per day, but they cannot provide high purity compounds in sufficient amounts for High Throughput Screening (HTS), nor does the speed of purification match NCE (New Chemical Entities) synthesis.


Shimadzu's ASAPrep for RPC ("Automated Scale-up from Analytical to Preparative conditions for Reversed Phase Purification") predicts success and failure of purification automatically and determines an optimal preparative condition. Based on an algorithm, the preparative method is created automatically, and users save time while increasing throughput. The algorithm calculates optimal initial organic mobile phase concentration in preparative scale using the retention time acquired by LC-PDA-MS measurement and judging of the difference between success and failure of purification.


ASAPrep for RPC runs on an LCMS-2010 single quadrupole system in analytical and preparative mode.


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