Capsule Filling Machine Adapts to Different Products

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A flexible capsule filling machine from Bosch Packaging Technology, the GKF 2600, doses powders, pellet, tablets, liquids, and combinations.



Bosch Packaging Technology's capsule filling machine, the GKF 2600, doses powders, pellet, tablets and liquids, as well as combinations, with an output of up to 2600 capsules per minute. The machine is equipped with new filling technologies for different products, an optimized drive concept, and enhanced sensor technology for process control. The accessible, extended machine platform allows the machine to be quickly adapted to fill different products. Optimized containment, with more tightly sealed doors, ensures that hygiene standards are maintained during production. Depending on customer requirements and product characteristics, the capsule filling machine can be upgraded for different containment requirements.

Other options include the new capsule checkweigher, KKE 2600, with enhanced product control. Additionally, the GKF 2600 can be upgraded with a feedback loop, which automatically regulates overfilling and underfilling of capsules using tendency control of the KKE. An inspection unit that conducts weight and quality inspections with x-ray technology and an x-ray sensor can be integrated. 

Source: Bosch