Cascade Chemistry Expands API Manufacturing Capacity

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Cascade began production on new facilities to manufacture APIs for clinical and commercial GMP production.

Cascade Chemistry, a pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization, announced on Feb. 18, 2021 that it began construction of new facilities for manufacturing APIs under current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) standards. In addition to a significant increase in CGMP space, the $14 million expansion also includes 2200-ft2 of new analytical labs and additional office space. The facilities are expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2022.

“Our customers are increasingly requesting our assistance in producing APIs for their clinical trials, and demand has outstripped our cGMP manufacturing capacity,” said Jeremiah Marsden, president of Cascade Chemistry, in the press release. “We were fortunate to acquire two suitable buildings just 10 minutes from our current facility, and construction of new CGMP manufacturing suites that will greatly increase our clinical trial API production capacity is now underway.”

The 28,000-ft2 building currently under construction will initially include five suites for Phase I and Phase II CGMP manufacturing with flow hydrogenation and reactors up to 400 L. Additional capacity for API Phase III and commercial scale CGMP manufacturing up to 1000 L will be added in 2022. The second 7000-ft2 building will be reserved for future expansion.


“We ultimately will expand into the second new building to build further CGMP capacity for commercial-stage low-volume, high-value pharmaceuticals,” noted Marsden in the press release.

Source: Cascade Chemistry