Catalent Invests $100 Million to Expand European Biologics Manufacturing Capabilities

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Catalent commences the first phase of a $100-million expansion program Anagni site to increase its manufacturing capabilities for biologics drug substance.

Catalent has announced, in a July 21, 2021 press release, that it will start the first phase of a $100-million expansion program at its Italian facility in Anagni to increase its manufacturing capabilities for biologics drug substance.

This first phase of the expansion will involve the installation of two 2000-L single-use bioreactors in new, purpose-built manufacturing suites. Additionally, early phase clinical development and late-stage and commercial tech transfers will be supported through associated investments. Infrastructure for a further six 2000-L single-use bioreactors will also be created in the initial phase.

It is anticipated that the initial phase will be commissioned and operational for customer projects in April 2023. Later phases of the expansion program are set to provide 16,000 L of flexible manufacturing capacity, which will allow for 2000 L to 8000 L batch production scale.


“Catalent is committed to supporting customers from small and virtual biotechs to large biopharma companies that require the right capabilities, scale of capacity, and integrated solutions to meet their needs for new biologic therapies and vaccines,” said Mario Gargiulo, Catalent’s region president, Biologics, Europe, in the press release. “Catalent was an early adopter of single-use technology because of its flexibility, and we continue to invest in technology that enables adaptable, scalable solutions for the fast-growing segment of biologics addressing mid-sized and orphan patient populations.”

Source: Catalent